Tine is a fire spirit, she’s a lot like Saol. Her appearance and behaviour depends on her surroundings too, in a safe environment she’s just a playful spark or a small flame that might annoy Saol a bit but doesn’t harm anyone, but after a long and dry summer she grows bigger and bigger and becomes more voracious and unpredictable. Saol didn’t let her burn too many things and he put out the small flames as soon as he could with wet mud and dew drops, but things changed somewhat when Tine realized that offering light and warmth to humans turns them into loyal servants who always feed her no matter what the nature spirit says or does.

She didn’t expect them to turn on her though. In a few centuries they started building machines and then chained her into those machines to fuel them and make them do the work instead of humans. She was raging but couldn’t do much but obey.

Ever since then, whenever she sees the opportunity to get out of her chains she does so and devours everything with boiling hatred until nothing remains but ashes and smoke.

Darcy, Greg, Teo and Aldan are Merminea's ocs all the others are mine and they have a looong history together but we've barely written anything down so feel free to ask about them

here’s a few fun facts for a starter

  • Darcy is one of Greg’s 1237612794672 younger sis’
  • Teo and Greg are so very married you have no idea (also they are Aldan’s colleagues - all 3 of them are surgeons btw)
  • Torda kind of adopted Laborc when that little problematic shit was around 14
  • Max and Darcy and Laborc are a???couple???triuple???? how do you word this jfc i have no idea (i mean polygamous relationship) 
  • The Pianist is a kind of sociopath and pretty much obsessed with perfection in every possible area
  • Adrian spent almost 2 years in prison and then escaped but he was hella innocent
  • dunno man, there are too many things i could write here
  • ask