Darcy, Greg, Teo and Aldan are Merminea's ocs all the others are mine and they have a looong history together but we've barely written anything down so feel free to ask about them

here’s a few fun facts for a starter

  • Darcy is one of Greg’s 1237612794672 younger sis’
  • Teo and Greg are so very married you have no idea (also they are Aldan’s colleagues - all 3 of them are surgeons btw)
  • Torda kind of adopted Laborc when that little problematic shit was around 14
  • Max and Darcy and Laborc are a???couple???triuple???? how do you word this jfc i have no idea (i mean polygamous relationship) 
  • The Pianist is a kind of sociopath and pretty much obsessed with perfection in every possible area
  • Adrian spent almost 2 years in prison and then escaped but he was hella innocent
  • dunno man, there are too many things i could write here
  • ask

ehuehuehuehue i’m working on a new dumb story for a kind of short and not too serious comic. it takes place in a post apocalyptic world with zombies and some other weird shit going on.

the kid with dreadlocks on the left is Tal, the broadcaster of a post apocalyptic radio station called Nuke Fish.

the bus (later spacebus) driver guy, Giles is on the right, who slept through the apocalypse because he got drunk the night before and now he’s unwilling to accept the fact that he’s awake and what’s happening around him is not only a dream (that’s the reason for the pajamas).

the little girl is May, she loves superheroes, apples and her favourite means of transport is Puppy’s back.